Thursday, October 8, 2009

Online needlework show

After a "slow" start due to server problems, the online needlework show is under way and there is quite a bit of traffic. I have a contest on my page for a drawing at the end of the show. The entries are coming in and I would like to share what one of the two winners from the April show emailed me this morning:

"I was not going to enter this year because I won last year and I wanted someone else to experience your amazing generosity and the fun that I had going through that box.
But after seeing your new designs, I hope I win AGAIN! "

Thanks, Helen, and good luck! I did enjoy putting together the prize boxes in April. Along with stitching goodies, I included a Moonflower Designs logo tote bag and coffee mug. I'm glad Helen and Heather both enjoyed them. I received a personal note from Heather, also, in appreciation.

So, I am off to dry my hair and run errands. I need to mail a box to my daughter with some mail I am forwarding and a the Phenome'eyes (?) mascara that she wanted me to get her when I ordered my coconut body wash from Sephora. It is "the hottest thing" in mascara and has a little ball of brush that gives wonderful coverage to your eyelashes. Not waterproof, though, and I seem to get racoon eyes when I don't use waterproof mascara. It just comes off underneath my eyebrows. I have really dry skin, though, so it is related to my moisturizer application. But got to have waterproof!!

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