Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am working to get my online booth ready for the online wholesale needlework show that begins the 15th ( I have not finalized all the designs as intended and will get those posted to my site ASAP ( My deadline for the booth is Monday at midnight. Having had a major computer issue last fall and pulling my pictures, etc. from a backup, I find that I need to go back to the backup and search for one of my folders that I seem to be missing. I have reached the state in which I was just looking at a file folder in front of me on my desk and it now seems to have vanished. Must be gremlins or something impeding my progress!! No more coffee for me!

Sneak Peek: "My Stars" new release can be personalized with your natal astrology chart info.


ArchangelDecker said...

Oh, I *love* this!

Do you sell directly to the public or only to shops? I would LOVE to stitch this, it's so pretty!

Moonflower Designs said...

Thank you! There is an online wholesale needlework show going on right now. You can place an order with any of the participating shops.