Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today, Tomorrow . . . whatever!

Ok, so I admit to sometimes not knowing the actual date. Yes, I am referring to confusing the 14th for the 15th. But, I had shopping on my mind. I need a dress for a wedding and can not seem to find anything that is even remotely something that I want to wear. I went to KC with Karen yesterday. We meandered through Lawrence and stopped at a little gallery, bookstore, coffee shop. An artist from Topeka I spoke to recently said she had some pieces there. I mentioned to Karen on the highway that I could not remember the name of the place - the right stuff, something like that, so we detoured to Mass street to figure it out. Signs of Life. The very nice lady who was installing a new exhibit stopped and took the time to show us the things that had already been taken down. Disappeared into her magic elevator and returned with the three paintings. So, then we noticed the Pink Box Bakery on our way back to the car. No cinnamon rolls left. I got a cupcake, but it had a muffin top. No to the mt on cupcakes they are strictly for muffins. They just taste scorched on cupcakes and they ruin the frosting layout. Frosting must touch the edges of the cupcake paper. Moved on to KC and wandered through a few stores. Note to sales ladies - if there is a line and you have a special (10% off with purchase of $100 or more or whatever) please don't start ringing up the customer until you know for certain they are not going to go back and look for more merchandise to increase their purchase to the minimum!! It was ridiculous! We managed to find a few things and wandered through several stores. Had lunch at The Bristol. Still a great place. I hadn't been there in a long time. Karen had not been there before. I was talked in to trying on one dress. I knew I wouldn't want it, but that's what I was there for. It was a one-shoulder number with sort of a pleated thing going on. It fit, but felt cock-eyed on and I didn't want to spend the whole time trying to twist it back into place. Perhaps I should evaluate my requirements. I may not find a comfortable formal dress. That is an oxymoron, right?

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