Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blank Canvas

I got the flower backstitching done on the second new design "Stitch Sisters" for the online wholesale show. I had to post the picture of the framed piece to my website rather than on the booth page. Now I need to decide which design I have "on the drawing board" that I want to finalize and start stitching! I have 7 lovely pieces of fabric lined across the back of the sofa here in my work room. It inspires me while I am working on several things at once. The last time I was in the fabric dealer's den she told me that I should have some of every color by now. Not if she keeps making new colors!! I also (like the packrat I tend to be) brought home a couple of frames from Frame Warehouse because I found that this particular one seemed so right with crystal earthen color fabric. Christmas design here you go!! So, yes, I also have a frame on the earthen on the sofa. Fortunately, both my husband and the fabric dealer find me endearing. Endearing, we decided, encompasses all the adjectives you might use to describe someone you are stuck with! Politically correct and socially acceptable.

So, now that I am nearly human after my first cup of coffee, I should get back to the design programs and finish a design because I have the urge to get some fabric in my q-snaps and get to work. Not that I don't have several q-snapped things to work on, just none of them are my designs. That isn't true - I am re-stitching one or two for models, but what fun is that?

I dreamed I was in a hotel and someone was helping me with my suitcase. They turned the corner and I knew they had gotten on the elevator, but I got on the wrong elevator - the one that only went to the 15th and 17th floor. While I was waiting to get on the correct elevator, a girl and her father were whispering, he got on the 15-17 elevator, and she came over and tried to take my purse from me. I called security, talked with them, they had the girl, and then I couldn't find the elevator. I wandered around, went into a room with a bunch of telephone operators (who all knew my name) and they told me what floor to go to, but not where the elevator was. Then some lady tried to tell me to get on this elevator that had a chair in it, no buttons for floors to push, and when I looked, it did not have floors above it, so it could only be going down, and I did not get on it. Then, another lady helped me find the information desk and the guy would not tell me where the elevators were! I woke up then. Strangely, I have dreamed of this same hotel before, but don't think it is any place I have actually been.

BTW - the picture is the crystal earthen fabric and the pretty little frame I found. A nice little blank canvas. Now I need the color palette - I received the full line of floss from Sullivans - which I used on "Stitch Sisters", and will begin using in addition to DMC when I am not using overdyed threads. I am intrigued with the Valdani spools. I have not actually stitched anything with them, but may give them a try also if I have the right color at the right time. Too many ideas and options!

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