Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some days I need to stop and prioritize my to do list. I tend to try and do them all at the same time. Then, I tend to get sidetracked. I took my daughter's camera to Wolfe's Friday and they were having a sale. I tried not to look, but they had scanners on sale (which I really did need to get) and I was amazed to see that you can scan photo 35mm film negatives on a relatively inexpensive scanner. So, this morning while working on the "organize storage room" item on my to do list, I could not resist opening up the old boxes of photos and finding a few of the packets that contain negatives. I grabbed the nearest negative when I set up the scanner on Saturday and was amazed. My daughters will probably come and take it away from me when I begin scanning and uploading their childhood memories! From a designing aspect, however, I am excited to see if I have any photos that I can use.

I finished "Friendship" (pictured) - a design based on Chinese indigo designs. I am posting a preliminary picture - this is pre-framing shot straight out of the q-snap. I had a frame that I intended to use for it, but find that I am not quite happy with the way it looks, so will take it to the frame shop tomorrow to pick out something better. If you noticed 'blank slate' on a previous post, this may be the way to go with designing because I sometimes end up with a piece for which it is difficult to find a satisfactory frame. Which reminds me. Perhaps I should consider doing something different with the finishing of this! Add that to my to do list!

Would you find it a little creepy if someone randomly sent a text message to your phone saying "U out there? U ok?" followed by "Wondering when!"? I replied to inquire the identity of the sender only to have the reply "Guess this not jill?". Then they explained how they typed the wrong number without their glasses. That was last November, then in April "U alone nw?" To which I replied "no". And now, this morning, "Gm bg" which I have no idea what that means and I suggested they add Jill to their contacts so that they don't keep sending me random texts. Sounds shady, right? Particularly when they claimed not to know anyone named Jill.

My husband and I attended church services in Wakefield yesterday to see my grandson's pre-school program. Unbelievably cute, particularly, when being given their materials, each were asked what they want to be when they grow up. The first boy said "a superhero" and then most of the boys after said the same thing. One little girl said "a mermaid". Too cute. I really have to give the teacher credit because they went through the abc's with a little bible verse after each letter and the class knew a lot of it from memory! Good job!

After leaving Wakefield, we headed for the May Day cemetery to take some pictures of some markers. That's to go along with my ancestry project. I multi-tasked since that was as close as I was going to be to May Day with a free afternoon for a while. If it hadn't been misting rain, I would have been more thorough, but I only got the shots I wanted most before taking my wet feet out of there. I haven't had a chance to view them yet. I did have a chance to look at the pictures from Saturday night. We got a private tour of the Matrot Castle here in Topeka. I took some pictures of the design on the door and other things that I had no idea if they would turn out or not - but they did!! It was very interesting to see the size of the building and to go up the tiny winding stairways to the upper floors. I thought about it afterward - how would I like to have a full length dress on going up and down those things! Wouldn't be easy. Especially if you were carrying an infant (or anything else for that matter).

It's back to the list for me now! At least I can cross - blog - off!!! Have a great day!!!!

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