Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All conversations can't be intelligent

Started the morning with my dear husband finishing my sentences for me - incorrectly!! I tried to explain that it should not be made into a guessing game when I am trying to talk. I know I amuse him, but sometimes I'm not amused.

While on vacation last year, I was having a manicure and pedicure the very nice manicurist and I were talking. She was telling me where she was from in Africa. Somehow, when discussing dangers, etc., she told me that women with small children were cautioned, in her home area, to keep them nearby because sometimes the monkeys will snatch babies and small children. She then told a story about a child who was found several years after having been taken by the monkeys and the difficulty in trying to rehabilitate after living as a monkey. She then made the statement that, if her baby was taken by a monkey, she wouldn't want it back. I explained to her that she would want her baby back no matter what. Ok, when relating this conversation to Michael, I realized it was a mistake. I do know how silly it sounds to admit that, first of all, you are having the conversation at all, and secondly, that you are trying to convince someone they WILL want their baby back from the monkeys. Yes, dear, I understand that it was not an intellectual discussion!

There was a salamander in the garage last evening. When I walked out, something scurried, so of course I called Michael out to "get it". I told him it was huge, but he did not seem concerned. His solution was to open the garage door and I found myself herding it across the driveway into the bushes. At least it was out of the garage.

As to relevant news, I will be taking over The Stitchers' Village on June 1. This will be quite a project and I am excited, yet nervous. I am working on plans to make things interesting and fun! Several popular designers have submitted ornaments for an ornament insert to The Stitchers' Voice, the site's newsletter. I am working on a plan for those! Plan, organize, etc. Better get back to work!!

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