Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Past Week

Is it Thursday, again? I have spent the past two days in bed. It started with a sore throat on Sunday night and went downhill from there. Of course, it could be the result of a crazy weekend. We stayed in KC Wednesday night and got up at 4 on Thursday morning for an early flight to Syracuse. Julie and Matt picked us up and took us to the Mirbeau Lodge where their wedding was to be. A bridal shower was held that evening which lasted until about 8 and then I went with the girls for the bachelorette party. We were out until 3 a.m. Friday morning. I don't remember the last time I was up nearly 24 hours straight, but obviously, I'm not up for it any more. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and a much earlier retirement time. Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful. The Monet garden was the perfect setting for a perfect wedding. Everything was wonderful. After the reception we pretty much went to bed, but I wanted to get up in time to see Becky and Jessie off to the airport. I heard a door (we were in a suite of rooms with a common area) so I got up, ran smack into the door of the armoire that wouldn't stay closed, only to find it was only 2 a.m. and Julie was trying to get a fan for their room. The airconditioning was out and it was fairly warm. I wanted to let Michael sleep, so I got up and read until I heard the girls wake up call at 4:30. I made it back to bed and slept until 7:30 when my cell phone rang. It was the airline telling me the flight had been cancelled and in the middle of that call, Becky was beeping in so I was very confused and did not register what the airline said other than the reservation had been changed to the 1:15 flight. Note to self - when making reservations for others, don't give your number to the airline, give them the the number of the person flying. It was her flight that was cancelled. Oh, well, I tried to get everyone home in good time on Sunday as they insisted.

I've got to feel better today and back to full strength by Saturday. Marilyn and I are making a mad dash to the Columbus TNNA wholesale show. I have got to be up for walking most of the day Sunday. It is a huge show and I understand that there is no longer a counted thread section, but it is scattered through. That is good and bad for various reasons. Stamina wise, it might be bad. As of June 1 I am now the proud owner of the web site "The Stitchers' Village" ( I have been trying to get up to speed on everything to do with it and make plans to keep it interesting. Losing three days to sickness has not been helpful. I have been stressing out about the whole thing and that may have been a contributing factor to my physical ailment, also. So, hopefully, I will get some order restored to my house today and get on track with plans for The Stitchers' Village fun page which is not coming together as quickly as I had hoped.

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