Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Fun Work

I made a trip to Abilene yesterday to Picture This Plus to find a piece of fabric for my 2nd "Caritas" design. I had a piece of relic lugana that was a very nice gold color, but wasn't sure this was what I really wanted to use. So, I picked a few crystal colors - chime, sterling, stellar, and ancient - to study along with the earthen and aerial I had. Last evening, I had them together with my palette of Dinky Dyes threads to decide what colors to use. I also picked up some Rainbow Gallery threads - Arctic Rays and Fuzzy Stuff in a couple of colors for another project I need to get finalized. I decided I do not think the ancient will work and may need to get a little farther along with the design because any of the other three are potential candidates.

I have also been working on my desktop publishing. I need to get an ad together and find that they want it to be in Quark or InDesign. I have several of the individual Adobe products, but do you think that works to upgrade to what I need? Nope, have to purchase the full program. That irritates me. I guess I will submit as a pdf and see what happens.

I was also looking at a camera upgrade but think I have decided to stick to what I have. The model that I want is heavy. I did not consider the weight difference in a "better" camera and have decided that maybe I can get along just fine with what I have rather than lug around an extra (seems like) ten pounds. I did have a very insightful visit with the helpful person at Wolfe's Camera, however, and will return to purchase there if I work out and bulk up so that I can carry a better model. I actually came out of there with no purchases. Two points for self restraint!

The Stitchers' Village may seem quiet, but I have been busy, busy organizing information and the July newsletter. We had an oops with one of the time-specific classes, but think we have it all straightened out.

Back to designing and ad layout. Patty

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