Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Customer Service Day

The award for best customer service goes to ATT!!! My daughter wanted an Iphone. She went to the apple store rather than ATT and was given misinformation regarding the portability of her phone number. I called ATT this morning anticipating that I would spend the morning trying to straighten it all out and - SURPRISE - it is the first time I have ever spoken with 3 customer service representatives, each one anticipated the upcoming activity, had the information transferred to the next step's department representative, and fixed it with as little hassle as possible!! Great job! I am so happy that I have all my services bundled together with this excellent company!!! Yeah for me!!

I also received a random email from someone and it looks like it, also, is a good thing I followed up. You just never know how a day will go!! Wake up and expect good things.

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