Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Decor

If I see Christmas decorations being sold do I need to hurry and put my fall things out? I could not believe it when I saw the Christmas decorations aisles. I know I have "moments" when I get distracted and then have to pause and think about what I was doing, but that made me stop and check - what is the date? Oh, yeah, August 31st!! I haven't lost time and suddenly regained conciousness - it's only September!! Time flies quickly enough without feeling like I completely missed a season!

I do need to work on the procrastination. I mean, I have it perfected, I need to stop! My time perspective is out of whack! Wonder if there is a pill for that. . . Or a life coach!

I managed to get the September newsletter posted on the 1st! I was tickled to see that I did not have any contest entries before the email was completely sent. That has fascinated me the past two months. As soon as I hit send on the email, I start getting entries from the contest. So, I decided it was too easy and tried something a little more difficult. Not too difficult. I could have made it harder, but didn't want anyone to pass it up because they didn't have the time.

What was it? Code XS. I made a 5x5 grid symbol substitution for each letter of the alphabet. I made a band sampler style design using the letters from two words (very obvious words) by making each symbol repeat 7 times connected across a line and then spelling the words down in rows. I added a spacer line that is obviously the word break to make it really easy. I think it has potential! I hope the Stitchers' Village members enjoy it. Pictures above are b/w and stitched on swamp colored fabric from Picture This Plus using bush baby colored silk thread from Dinky Dyes.

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