Thursday, September 30, 2010

St Charles Show

My husband accompanied me to St Charles this past wekend to attend the wholesale needlework show. I had a booth for Moonflower Designs. I also intended to get a list of all the new designs released at the show to include in Stitchers Village news. How naive of me. I needed every minute to get around to all of the designers rooms and did not have it due to my obligation to be in my room. Note to self - just attend the show next time, don't exhibit!

Here's my idea for my art project (when I get around to that!). I want to do portraits of how I picture people to look. You know, people I have never actually seen, but have either dealt with on the phone or by email or whatever. There is a woman here in Topeka who I have heard of through the Mulvane Art Museum and met at a gathering recently. Her name and activities had developed a persona in my mind and when I met her, she was nothing like I imagined. This is the same for one of the designers at the TNNA show. Tracy from Ink Circles. I had a very nice visit with her one evening, but kept thinking that she doesn't look as I had imagined her. Then she told me that she is an Engineer and it completely threw off my mental picture of her. Oh, well, file that idea for later!!

I am trying to finish the October newsletter for The Stitchers Village. My problem is that I need to finalize the plan for the village stitch-along. Cheryl from Glendon Place is providing a free Halloween design and has agreed to host a Village chat Halloween weekend. I can't decide how to coordinate it. So, I had better get back to work!!

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