Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I finally finished the newsletter for TSV ( It was no easy task!!! I had to choose some of the questions myself (rather than the shops providing the questions for their sites). I think I will try something a little different next year. That was a big challenge! The good news is the entries that were in the inbox this morning. I hope that doesn't mean it was too easy, but at least it lets me know it was doable.

The other upcoming event is the Halloween Stitch Along with the Glendon Place design. I hope we have a good turn out. I already had a number of replies on that, also. Cheryl, the designer, has very kindly offered to host a chat on Saturday of Halloween weekend. This will be the official launch for the chat room. Hopefully all will go well.

I have been working on this year's Caritas design. I have had to re-start the stitching three times. I did not like the way it looked on the fabric color I chose (twice) and have now gone to legacy. My studio now looks like a total disaster area. I will be straightening on stitch breaks for the next few days. I still do not have everything back in place from the TNNA show last weekend. Too busy re-stitching the top couple of rows on this design and finalizing the October "Voice"! Then returning to the fabric drawer, and instead of a floss toss, it looks like I did a fabric toss in here. Tossing it all over the room. I felt like one of those cartoon characters furiously flinging the fabric over my head and behind me.

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