Thursday, August 26, 2010

Early Bird

Don't you love it when you wake up at 4 a.m. and then are wide awake unable to go back to sleep. It is definitely "me" time. No one else is up!! I got some quality online research time this morning. I also played a little Spider Solitaire.

The water in Topeka, KS is "safe" but has a foul odor and taste. Lovely!! So I hauled home some gallon jugs of "spring" water from the grocery store in hopes of having a decent cup of coffee. I had also cut back on drinking soda and had been drinking water during the day. Not tap water anymore. Yuk! I noticed some of the water in the store said "from a municipal source". I've not been having a good experience with that lately, thank you.

It really makes you think about our natural resources, right? I heard a presentation given by Jean Michel Cousteau in which he talked about the impact each one of us has on the ocean, even in Topeka, KS. Obviously, Topeka is having issues with the local water, so the ocean is in big trouble.

In addition to stitching my little fingers away, I spent about 7 hours entering data yesterday. The St. Francis Hospital Foundation is hosting the Childrens Miracle Network Radiothon at the Westridge Mall here in Topeka. I am entering each of the pledges and donations into the database. I almost finished Tuesday's information yesterday. My right arm is feeling the strain from the marathon typing and stitching. I will be doing data entry again today, but don't think I'll make 7 hours again. I may have to spread it out a little and plan on some time there next week, also.

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