Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Working From Home

I do love having my work from home job. Thanks to wonderful people such as Cheryl from Glendon Place and the telephone, I'm not a complete hermit. She and I had a great conversation this morning. Today has not gone as scheduled, however, and that is the good thing about the situation - flexibility. The bad thing is that putting laundry away was interrupted by the UPS delivery of some paper. Now I find I have lost my cup of tea. I have not launched a serious all points search, but the walk through when I started the last load of laundry did not produce my tea. It was very good - Assam Gold from Teavana. Don't you love that - Teavana? I ordered some fruit mix, also, because I wanted some delicious fruity iced tea. Perhaps it is time to find my cup and work on the email list for the mid-month Stitchers Village update. Have a good one!

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