Monday, August 9, 2010

Angry Birds

My daughter Jessie introduced me to the Ipad app Angry Birds last night. I left her a message when she didn't answer her cell of the birds making their noises. Hopefully, she got the message that I wish she had not shown me this game!! I had Bloons which my 2yo granddaughter plays. It's sort of like that only more addictive. Jessie didn't tell me until this morning that if you tap after shooting the birds, some of them do other things like turn into three birds. Good thing I needed to recharge or I would still be playing!! OOPS! Better get to work!

Actually, I did work first. I think I figured out how to put a chat room on The Stitchers' Village. As soon as the technical support gets the building mapped and the link up, I will launch it. Which reminds me - need to locate a designer that will host a chat time.

Back to work.

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