Monday, August 23, 2010


A very productive weekend. I started and finished a piece that I need for the September Stitchers' Voice. 2164 stitches (an exact stitch count is a perk of having it in the design program). You know how you get an idea and it really sounds great? Well, kinda like that and it stitched wonderfully. I hope everyone finds it interesting. Here's a color swatch - swamp linen from PTP and bush baby silk from Dinky Dyes. I don't want to give away any more yet. . .

I am working on a list of member blogs, also. The problems with that is, I go wandering off into cyber land reading them. It is fun, but slows down progress. Hopefully, I will figure out the best place to have them on The Stitchers Village and get that on the site soon.
Unfortunately, Moonflower Designs needs to get some new designs finished. I may be stitching around the clock for the next month!!! Better get back to it!

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