Tuesday, August 3, 2010


small w/loom two medium example showing stitched piece

I discovered the Butterfly Loom in June just before leaving for vacation. When I returned home, I placed my order. In the meantime I made a stop at Michael's for some wired ribbon. In my mind, this was the idea that would work the best to have a more sturdy form on which to mount a stitched piece of needlework.

I got the looms yesterday (like any good hoarder I got two full sets. You know, in case one of my very good friends wants to try them, also.) When my husband got home he wanted to go out to eat which interrupted my "weaving". After we got home and before I went to bed I had made three. Two on the medium loom and one on the small loom. The small and one medium are made with 2.5" wired brown crinkled ribbon. The other medium is made with 1.5" wired Fall decorative ribbon. The overall size of the small is about 7" with the inside square about 3 3/4". The medium two are overall about 9" with the inside 5 1/2". The third picture is showing a small stitched piece (it was the first one I found the right size) which has just been folded for demonstration. I plan to stitch the edges solid and cut the pieces to size then tack them to the woven background. They could be sewn with backing or whatever you want. Needlepoint or hardanger would work. Expect more ideas soon.

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